“Dimitar Dobrovich” Art Gallery -Sliven originates in 1905. The Renaissance artist Dimitar Dobrovich, left to his home-town 14 of his works in his will. With them the young artist Iordan Kuvliev arranged the first exposition in the library of the “Zora” community centre.

Later, 40 works have been added to them, bequeathed by Zoitsa Kuvlieva-mother of the tragically died artist Iordan Kuvliev. In 1965 “Dimitar Dobrovich” Art Gallery differentiates as a separate cultural institution with its building for an exposition and an official name- “Dimitar Dobrovich” Art Gallery.

Today the Gallery owns more than 6000 artistic works-paintings, graphics, sculpture, applied arts, icons, church items.

The collection consists of works from the XVII century till today.

Two considerable collections-“Western-European Graphics” from the XIX-XX centuries – donation by Prof. Bogomil Raynov, and “Japanese Engravings” from the XVIII-XIX centuries represent the foreign section in “Dimitar Dobrovich” Art Gallery -Sliven. The Gallery shows four permanent expositions:

  • Contemporary Bulgarian Art
  • The Old Sliven
  • Christian Art
  • Western-European Graphics

The “Sirak Skitnik” hall exposes two permanent expositions of “Dimitar Dobrovich” Art Gallery-“Christian Art” and “Contemporary Bulgarian Art”.

The permanent exposition “Christian Art” was opened in 2005. It represents icons, engravings, church items, wood-carvings and stone plastics from the region of Sliven, dated 17-19 centuries. The exposition includes icons from representatives of the Tryavna art school: papa Vitan, Simeon Tzonyv, Ioanikii papa Vitanov, Krystju Zahariev, Angel Tzonyuv, Iordan Mihailovich, Nedko Teodorovich and others.

The permanent exposition “Contemporary Bulgarian Art” represents the contemporary Bulgarian art from the 19th century till today. The exposition includes more than 100 artistic works-paintings, graphics and sculpture. The works of the Renaissance artists Dimitar Dobrovich, with which the beginning of the art collection in Sliven was set / 1905/, take a central place in it.

The exposition tracks the main stages of the development of the Bulgarian art, from its secular onset to our days, represented by the brightest artists: Iordan Kuvliev, Alexander Bozinov, Nikola Mihailov, Elena Karamihailova, Elisaveta Konsulova-Vazova, Nikola Tanev, Sirak Skitnik, Ivan Milev, Vladimir Dimitrov-the Master, Nikolay Raynov, Kiril Petrov, Bencho Obreshkov, Stoyan Venev, Nenko Balkanski, Boris Denev, Zlatyu Boyadziev, David Peretz, Vasil Barakov, Ivan Nenov, Dechko Uzunov and others.



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