Second National Meeting of the Galleries in Bulgaria-New Opportunities and a Shared Experience

06.04.2016 / 22:41

The town of Sliven hosted the Second National Meeting of the Galleries in Bulgaria in the period 4th-6th of April, 2016. The event was organized by the Ministry of Culture of Bulgaria, the Municipality of Sliven and the “Dimitar Dobrovich” Art Gallery and more than 30 galleries from the country participated. The director of “Dimitar Dobrovich” Art Gallery-Sliven, Ms. Daniela Nencheva presented the officials: Ms. Tatyana Petkova-regional governor of the district of Sliven, Ms. Pepa Chilikova and Mr. Stoyan Markov-deputy mayors of the Municipality of Sliven, Mr. Boris Hadjiiski-chairman of the “Bulgrian museums” association.

Sergeant Nicholas Buja from the US Marine Corps, currently at the Novo Selo Training Area, was a special guest to the meeting. He greeted the participants in the forum and shared that he was very excited and grateful for the opportunity to participate in the cultural event of the town.

Ms. Chilikova expressed her desire the participants to share experience and achievements, and thanked the Art Gallery-Sliven for the organization.

Ms. Petkova stated that the meeting was an opportunity for discussion of professional and responsible tasks as well as for the acquainting with the historical and cultural heritage of Sliven. The gallery in the town is one of the richest in Bulgaria.

A congratulatory address by the minister of culture Mr. Vezhdi Rashidov was read out. There he expressed his hope the initiative “to become traditional and to affirm the policy of the Bulgarian galleries related to the creation of modern visions for the preservation and presentation of the visual arts and the rich cultural inheritance of our country”.

Mr. Hadjiiski appealed for the participants to be more active in giving suggestions for changes of the Law of Cultural Inheritance.

The topics that were discussed were related to the statute of the galleries, normative regulations, innovative methods and practices. The directors of galleries, participating in the meeting, signed up a joint suggestion to the Ministry of Culture.

After the end of the working part of the meeting all participants visited the “Dobrovich” house, the “Sirak Skitnik” hall, the “Mirkovich” house, the Regional Historical Museum, the “Hadji Dimitar” house, the Museum of Textile Industry in Sliven, the “Tuida” fortress and the “Karandila” area.

Text: Hristina Dobreva



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